Canada’s first ‘Date Night’ subscription box: Date Mail!

Date Mail  is Canada’s first date night subscription box, providing a unique theme each month, designed to give you all the tools needed for a fun and meaningful date with your significant other. 


My partner, Brendan and I, like so many millennial couples, have opposing and demanding work schedules. We spend the majority of our evenings together, but are almost always rushing to make dinner and catch up on how our days went. I’d say we do a pretty good job of creating ‘quality time’, but let’s be honest, it can be hard to get creative after a long day.

After excitedly awaiting the arrival of our delivery, we felt a bit like kids at Christmas, pulling back the thoughtfully orchestrated layers of the Date Mail box.


To give you a taste of what you may find in each box, ours included: Chocolate Trivia, The Roll & Sip, “I Love you because…” Notes, Chocolate Fondue, Chocolates, Bars and Treat Sticks, Chocolate body paint, Beverage Pairing List, ‘The Love Map’ Game (The Gorman Institute), Chocolate Face Masks and more! * haywire wine not included, but encouraged…

There is also a bonus recipe card included for ‘Chocolate Beer BBQ Sauce’. If I can convince the Irishman that we aren’t “wasting” good beer in a recipe, then I’ll let you know how it turns out. It looks so decadent and delicious.

Date Mail tells us “one of the keys to a successful relationship” is to “never stop dating one another” – I couldn’t agree more!

Date Mail makes a great host gift for your favourite couple, an anniversary present, wedding gift, bachelorette present, surprise for new parents…the list goes on! I even think I’ll be sharing the extra chocolates and cocktail recipes with the ladies on our next girls night.

COUPON: For a limited time, use code CORAL to receive FREE SHIPPING on your first box!

 If you are craving a little added spontaneity in your relationship, Date Mail could be exactly the answer you are looking for!

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