Whether you’re the Martha Stewart of your friend group – whipping up Pinterest worthy treats without breaking a sweat – or the idea of hosting a party makes your head explode,  I’m here to help simplify your life so you can impress your friends while staying relaxed and enjoying the party.

Cue the elegant new wedding trend perfect for any party which I affectionately like to call ”The Timbit Tower”. I made this for my birthday yesterday and it was a HIT! Timbits are bite-sized donut holes sold at the Canadian-based franchise Tim Horton’s.


You may be thinking that this looks time-consuming and expensive, but I assure you this cake costs very little, is virtually foolproof and “HELLO” you won’t have to do any dishes! 

Wether you’re hosting a brunch, birthday, backyard bbq, baby/wedding shower, or even a wedding, this cake is sure to impress. 

What you need:

  • Styrofoam cone, I used this one
  • Toothpicks (50-60)
  • Donut Holes I used 50 
  • Flowers for garnish



You’ll want the freshest Timbits you can find. Did you know you can pre-order and pre-pay your Timbits for easy pickup the day you need them? You don’t even have to wait it line, just walk up to the coffee pickup and they’ll have them waiting. I recommend 1/2 Old fashioned & 1/2 Powdered, OR all one kind for a visually appealing tower.                  50 Timbits cost me $8.99

The Styrofoam cone can be picked up at any Michaels store, I would highly recommend signing up for their newsletter. They send out 40-55% off online coupons every week. Just show the email to the cashier and voila!                                                                             After the coupon, this item cost me $3.75 

Fresh blooms are great, but don’t be afraid to use light coloured fake flowers for durability and costs as low as $3. 

Toothpicks $1

There you go – all of these items cost me around $17

I always purchase platters or serving dishes from Winners/Homesense. The white cake plate shown was only $16.99 and is handmade in Portugal. Score!


Now for the easy task of assembling your tower:

Place the Styrofoam cone on the dish you plan to serve it on. 

Starting from the bottom, insert a toothpick into the cone halfway and push the donut onto the toothpick. 

Go all around the cone until one row is complete, then go up and start the next row.  

Every second row, replace 1 donut with a flower, or place them sporadically as you go. 

Don’t worry about evenly alternating powdered and plain donuts, have fun with it!

Have questions? Wondering how to transport? I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I love this idea! What a fun way to switch it up from cakes or cupcakes, my daughter would love this! Your photos are beautiful too.


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