Thanksgiving Meal Planner + Shopping List

Thanksgiving Download - A Piece of Coral

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and to be honest, I was feeling a little overwhelmed. So, to help anyone else who might be feeling this way (and ME) I created a one-page printable to help get us organized and feeling prepared for the weekend! 

I’ve broken your meal down into categories. After you have decided on each dish, there is a section to list all ingredients. Now you have a full shopping list (and an list of what needs to be pulled from the pantry on prep day).

Don’t forget to list any tools you might not have on hand like a stuffing bag, thermometer, roasting pan, basting tool, etc. 

Once your list is complete you can sit back, relax, breathe and welcome the holiday feeling confident and prepared.

Not hosting Thanksgiving dinner yourself? Feel free to pass this on to your host, it’s just a simple printable, but it can be a big help and I bet they will be very grateful you thought of them! 

download your free printable meal planner + shopping list here

 Print out on standard 8×11 paper.



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